Tales of pune university



Clicked at thane station ..saw these rendom guys preparing for NT (Network theory)

Appendix: PU : Pune univ , NT : Network theory

Studying at pu and more importantly passing at pu is an altogether massive achievement. Here u can get all sorts of trauma nightmare Goosebumps and sometime all feelings at once.

The problem with this univ is like..the tension of even semesters are always greater than the odd semesters…there you are trying to write your first sem paper and realizing that if u don’t clear it this sem…. Next sem will be a nightmare and trust me it will… Coz in the next sem there are 90% chances that this backlog will come sandwiched between the even sem papers and spending three consecutive sleepless nights.. This feeling itself will make  any student shit in his pants. And unfortunately..well this should not happen even to our worst enemies, suppose u have 2 backlogs of odd sem… U r done!! Done for life
Its been 4 yrs since I’ve been out of college and working but still even now sometimes while asleep I get this horrifying nightmares of not reaching for exam on time or say I’ve just completed a single unit and I slept, when i wake up in the morning i m like fuck me!!
But the moments that this univ has given me are beyond words.. The highs and also the lows that i have felt here is simply out of this world.

There was this subject called NT network theory. Trust me if u are not able to clear it in 1st attempt. You’ll probably end up getting a drop and exactly this thing happened  to me and to my closest colleague’s from etx and entc. This subject is like M3 of engg, if you clear it good..  If you dont ur life will suck like hell.

After attempting this subject for consecutive 5 attempts I personally was soo devastated and had lost my faith in this subject that at times i used to just give up my hopes on engg. But brave hearts never surrender and i kept on studying practicing for the subject each time with extra enthusiasm. During my 5th attempt i was damn sure that i have nailed it but guess wat again dismay.. Failure and this time i had no clue of what had gone wrong. I was in a situation i could not even explain. It was painful and disturbing no amount of friend’s condolence was going to work this time not even the chilled beer.

One big reason for pu having so much of money is their Reval scheme. They have really got rich and hence famous probably due to this one scheme. Its like an IPL cricketing season for them, lot of economy pouring in post every sem. Univ has this scheme to play wit your emotions, after all who wants to have the sore feeling of not filling the reval and looking at their colleagues who made it trough during the reval. Soo here again i had no other option but to fill this option and even this time like the last 4 times i was hopeless on the results. The positive results are 1 in 20 sometimes 1 in 50 so its like a lucky draw or a lottery.  U mite win or loose …mostly loose. Again this reval shit is soo funny.  You get the reval results few days before ur next semester exams soo ultimately  u have to study for that subject the entire semester. It kills your time and maybe gift you with another kt.
Funny part is there was this guy giving his backlog and someone came in exam howling from distance Rameeeezzz…. Tra paper nikaalll gayaaa haiii!! That guy in no time got up and swoosh left the exam hall with that like a boss look.
5 days were remaining for the nt exam and this was going to be my 6th attempt for NT.  I was like Goddd how m i going to clear this shit.  It was really taking a toll on me and this time it cud have been a second drop if i don’t clear it. I was like seriously in need of some magic, some blessing.

One more funny part on reval is that the reval dates keep getting postponed till the time you are literally attending the exam of ur reval subject. Soo happend in my case from 1st week may month it got postponed to 2nd and so on till finally it came on 4th week.
The reval day has arrived. As soon as the Notice-boards are up with the results there is soo much of chaos,anxiety in people. Now you need to understand that This chaos is not due to  the ones who have not applied for reval but are more intrested in your results… #Human nature,.  Anyways the floors notice board was flooded with fingers trying to reach out for their number and I m like nervous and curious at the same time. I want to see it but i dont wanna get disappointed.  After some time things settle down and i go over and check i see my name in one corner below pratibha s.. I close my eyes for a second and after opening my eyes… BOOM!! I had just cleared the most diff part of my engg..for next 30 seconds i was enthralled and was in a peaceful freefall moment. I had made it….wooSsshhh such a gr8 relief.  Life time achievement !!!


Some simple points to remember- PHOTOgraphy


photography is not just about capturing feeling moment emotion its also about understanding the whole scene around.
There are times when u just click click n click and even out of the 1000 pics you have taken, none are able to
satisfy your vision or expectation.

As time passes u start realizing wat exactly you wanna capture and what details you want out of it
for eg bird photography …now even here u have some limitations like…some ppl like the bird to be in action,
flattering, squashing through the water, hunting like a wild eagle, or fishing with their long beaks
there can be soo much even inside just bird photography domain but what will quench your thought process is
the only thing that matters.

sometimes its also very important to feel the environment and just be with it for sometime keeping your gadgets and lenses away
from yourself.

give it a try !! you can save a lot


70796when the government is already looting soo much we need to be a lil smart in doing things and saving each hardly earned penny . coz saving in one way is like earning.

The market is filled up with people who r meant to solve your life problem but they don’t really do that instead they would take it to a completely unsolvable level. In my case I am scared of doctors … no not from the injection o stuff like dat :p , thing is most of the times i feel doctors are experimenting on us , specially the new ones . For one normal cough problem they’ll shoot like 10 types of medicine( 4-5 tablets n cough syrups n bla bla…shit) .Now the probability of recovering becomes less than catching a new side effect all together, which means you went to cure one disease and got many other as bonus … and similarly for other things too the same rule follows.

so basically we need to be  a bit smart n understand on what exactly we want and how we want it done…!!

so here are few things we can follow to save

every point is followed by an example. if you come up with better points and examples do revert in the comment box … thanks 🙂 in advance

1. learn about things and apply your common sense : most of the things get solved by just a little bit of common sense and the will to do it.

eg. I had a fone issue . my fone speaker wasnt working. so now u wd expect me to go to a service centre, yes it is an option which would leave you about 1 months without your customized fone, without which life would be boaring as hell . so I thought of taking care of the problem myself . i opened up the casing and found a half open screw which apparently was near the speaker section, so i just tightened it thats it !! woopy its working ..back to normal.

2. spend in tools : they will save a lot of your effort, time and money

eg. lot of things like drilling , or unscrewing or any bla bla thing can be done with basic tools like drill machine , cutter, paste n stuff … just try maintaing a good workshop in some corner of ur room….

3.Ask the technician about the problem and learn , spread general awareness about fraud technician.

Most of the time it soo happens we give our vehicles at service centre for repair or normal servicing. Now even though they mite be authorized centres still half of the time the engine oil is unchanged and most of the problems are left unresolved. In such case having knowledge about things is always helpful. Knowing general things about the vehicle you drive bike/car can help you sum-times when you get stuck in some deserted place . Also wen u are alone then normals stuff like cooking,operating a washing machine can help :p

This is a real boaring blog… but still i thot someone mite just benefit fm this & so lets not leave it unshared with the internet !!

A thrashing morning to start with


here i was laying on my office chair at around 3:59am in the morning

and i was like ki chalo lets chk wats on watsapp ….so i  just scrolled by and was looking if anyone is online meanwhile i got a call from the US of A …yeah the nikamma..budbud kia n fir uske baad again into watsapp checking the on-line status of ppl , i got this chick online (one of my juniors) ..so i casually put up a line which is funny to me but not on the other side :/  and the conversation went in some of my worst chats ever ..i was literally thrashed for no words i mean never have i found myself in such a dumb-stuck condition …manh…ek toh raat n upar se balatkar ..fk man !!

anyways it goes in this fashion

Shiv: Hey still alive ?? Kiss bakre ko  pakda

THE ‘girl’ : Whs dis

Shiv: Shiv

THE ‘girl’ : Wat u mean

Shiv: Wait a sec

Shiv: M i toking to THE ‘girl’  ??

THE ‘girl’ : Yaa

Shiv: Ohkk

THE ‘girl’ : Soo

THE ‘girl’ : Wat u mean by dat

THE ‘girl’ : ???

Shiv: Raat ko late nite

Shiv: Matlab kissi ko to pakda rahega na

THE ‘girl’ : Any problem

THE ‘girl’ : ????

Shiv: R u alrite ??

Shiv: Everything fine

THE ‘girl’ : Dats none of ur business

THE ‘girl’ : Yaa

THE ‘girl’ : M fine

Shiv: Lol …look

Shiv: Chiill

Shiv: I was just kiddin ok

THE ‘girl’ : U r also still alive

THE ‘girl’ : Soo

Shiv: U r scaring me

THE ‘girl’ : I don’t Lyk dat type of attitude

THE ‘girl’ : Sooo plzzz

THE ‘girl’ : M just a friend of u…

THE ‘girl’ : Sorry if u felt bad

THE ‘girl’ : Bt m Lyk dat only

Shiv: Hey look me too srry…

THE ‘girl’ : It’s k

Shiv: Din mean to say nything rong

THE ‘girl’ : Wat r u doing nw

Shiv: Was watching a movie

THE ‘girl’ : Ok..I got it

THE ‘girl’ : Leave it

THE ‘girl’ : Me too

THE ‘girl’ : Madras cafe

THE ‘girl’ : Nyccc movie

Shiv: Din like it that much

THE ‘girl’ : Which movies???

Shiv: The thieves

Shiv: Its a japanese movie

THE ‘girl’ : Ohk

THE ‘girl’ : Nd say

THE ‘girl’ : Hw r u

THE ‘girl’ : ???

Shiv: Wait …tell me first r u THE ‘girl’

Shiv: O someone else

THE ‘girl’ : Yaa

THE ‘girl’ : M THE ‘girl’

THE ‘girl’ : Who called u sion

Shiv: No … That reply was like a blow

THE ‘girl’ : U remember

THE ‘girl’ : Sorry

Shiv: Ohh ya

THE ‘girl’ : I was tensed

Shiv: Cnfrmed

Shiv: Yeah i got it

THE ‘girl’ : Little

THE ‘girl’ : Ok

THE ‘girl’ : Sooo

Shiv: Matter chalu hai tra?

THE ‘girl’ : Haa…actually m panic bcz of project nd college schedule

Shiv: Comeon

Shiv: Sab log ko hota hai

Shiv: Relax

THE ‘girl’ : Soo…little tensed

THE ‘girl’ : Yaaa

Shiv: Ho jaata hai sab

Shiv: Time pe

Shiv: No big deal

THE ‘girl’ : Haa

Shiv: Thike

Shiv: Chal … U tak a chill pill…even ill go n sleep

Shiv: Tc

THE ‘girl’ : Project samaz nhi aa rha nd sponsorship b dekhni hai

THE ‘girl’ : Yaaa

THE ‘girl’ : Gud night

Shiv: And aaram se re…itta tension nai leneka…

THE ‘girl’ : Haa…thanks

THE ‘girl’ : Nd sorry 4 previous reply…

THE ‘girl’ : Gn

THE ‘girl’ : Tc

THE ‘girl’ : Sd

Shiv: Its ok…no probs

THE ‘girl’ : Bbye

THE ‘girl’ : Gn

Shiv: Yep…. Gn

at first i was like is the phone in wrong hands ..someone else is trying to make a fool of me but later after certain QnA to my freaking realization it was her. And to go very frankly it was Embarrassing .

#lesson No.1 : do not touch ur juniors until its fm their side

anyways all this happened and i was like trying to chillofy the condition .Actually galti meri hi hai ..i usually take everything for granted and fun or pun is always in my head..last time it soo happened that i was like chatting after a long time with a chick and suddenly asked something in personal domain and ..since then we never talked 😛 .. to my knowledge i have been blocked by ppl and unblocked too …
anyways generally i neva really bother be it a guy or lady …so it was like just a normal startup line ,,,fuck I m gonna rememer this !!

#lesson2: do not take ppl for granted … ur mood and their mite not b same..u mite sound irritating even tho u r funny

then after the chat it was all like a sorry state of conversation ..my fucking goodness atleast it was like taking control ..or i thought i was gonna be thrashed the whole nite and next day i was gonna be blacklisted on the girls-hostel list.I hope that dosnt happen and btw who really cares :p but still subconcious mind kills.

well now wat my research says and wat should be the reason for her getting so dark on me is mayb she is a declared bitch in the campus .everyone loves to have that bitchy talk about her and she is totally down with it..onto that i come n have this explicit (not exactly) conversation in the middle of the nite.

well taking me into consideration m a nite guy ..so i have that licence to disturb ppl at any instant of time (FUck yeah ) 😛

Now look at the amazing+ wierd part i generally kick start with a convo which goes on n on ripping apart various diff topic, But this time i just wanted it to stop somehow..fuck man where in the world have i got myself into. i was like ok ok ..ya ya ..chalo cya … n then again ya tc …n then again yep..bye

fuck !! i soo wanted to get out of this chat thing..immediately after she said gn ..i turned off my wifi n nxt thing i did was blocked her !!…it was a bloww, but worth it !!

social media chaos ; its After-effects & rising restlessness


This shit has been waiting in the draft section since like eternity so lets completely throw it to u guyzz

its been almost a decade since we have started entering into this social virtual reality. The addiction level has risen soo high that people have started quoting the basic human requirement as.
MAKAAN (DOSt ka *)

GURLFRIEND (optional 😛 )
INTERNET*  & CONDOM(Latest) … fcourse 😛 .. #RIP indian population

Even there is very famous quote mentioned by Sir.Einstein comparing technology and social behavior.Image

we are growing up with a culture where we the human want to do every-thing that’s possible in one life unlike the previous world where a man would dedicate his complete life to one single cause. #such-boredom  (Dude get a life :v )

we basically want to do more in less time and be successful all the time ..which in itself sounds like a big IRONY 😛

Now to cover all your needs ,we have a business platform which encourages people to follow their dreams
like we have the holiday packages which can get you around the world within few lakhs .. . so basically we have risen up with the speed of activity and availability. people have used technology to make fortunes and that same tech (social websites) has ruined this huge young generation.
plus you have the e-commerce where anything and everything can be done sitting at home. In all we are saving a lot of time with the technological advent and on the other side we are investing that same time on social networks . Well undoubted fully even that is a part of life but maybe we forget the bounds or the limit to which we should be part of this fake world .

One thing is sure which is also proven by researchers from all around the world. we are growing up with more number of idiots o fools and the only reason behind it is the generation following , getting diverted to things that is inappropriate at that level.The IQ level is immensely falling people have started loosing their imaginative and creative skills . You mite have heard educational institutes and business organizations blocking few sites(Mostly porn and social network). Few years back the block was on porn related sites but today porn on internet in not a problem rather it is the social networking .

Focus is some extinct word from the dictionary. I m not sure about the world’s population  but 90% Indian users browse  internet (the greatest gift to human kind) just for FB. (freaking-Bullshit)
BAD PART = the openness of people may lead to being vulnerable . #Do secure Browsing ppl

I would like to mention about the “level of distraction” this social topology has brought inn and the very harsh output its shooting.

WE are surrounded by N number of notifications from all over the environment to all the people living in it .Its not something that we would like to get involved to or share a helping hand its just that our curious mind wants to know each and everything around us. Its hardly a matter of minutes that the brain shuts down and thinks ..oww lets think

well there doesn’t seem a single min brain stops wandering . This will surely enough have the impact on the level of focus and attachment to a single cause. Like such brains cant do research work which requires immense focus, dedication and stability. And one day that quality called stability & dedication will be extinct from human beings , we will be lost into nowhere..!!

An Idiot, placements and IntervYOU Toffee engineering ….A book review.


This story is again brought to you by an engineer to the huge indian student group with a package of fun,love,knowledge and  lessons that no one will teach you after you step into your professional life

The author here is an engineering student who is an average “just like us” student who till his initial engg years wasn’t that much serious about his future prospect but in his final years he took it seriously and got placed in his dream company. This book goes through all his important experiences Do’s and Dont’s for fresher passouts looking for job.

After reading so many nice,wow,entertaining,enthralling and what not books, I came across this one and as a matter of fact I think i have added a new genre of book in my “have read” list.

This book has all the small ingredients that would just not let you get out of your comforting couch.It’s a good compilation of some very general questions that are mostly asked in aptitude tests and interviews.The tips and tricks, Do’s and Don’ts , points to remember are really helpful. This book is different from others i would rather say this book has the qualities of an all-round development plus funtainment book .its not just about enjoying stuffs but also sharing some very in-depth ,invaluable knowledge which till now has remained untold in most of the cases .it explores the untouched corners that lifts it apart from the book-shelf

As this book is about engineering FUN is mandatory and fortunately or unfortunately watever is considered I too belong to the same fraternity and i totally agree with the author.This book left a touch on me as even i was among the unfortunate ones who couldn’t grab a job on-campus and there were a lot more reasons for this, some of them were weak TPO, University CG-PA  is usually less than other universities. After going through a struggle period of almost two months finally landed up in a job of my choice.

Some of the things that i would like  to share as a struggler 😦

  1. At time you might feel completely depressed, demotivated and tired by all the attempts you made and got rejected but all i would say is that keep trying and wait for that perfect moment, you might wonder when exactly does that “perfect moment” knocks your door. Don’t worry it will knock
  2. Be patient
  3. Believe in Yourself
  4. When you feel low just try recollecting life’s sweetest moments. 😀 they heal and help

No one gives you the much needed corporate world understanding. In college things are constrained to syllabus so i would say this is a book that definitely requires a read by engineering student..**A must**. You definitely have something to gain from this book , A real word experience i would say.

If not 100% I’m sure 70% of the material will really impact your life in some or the other way. If you are looking for a job I would say keep a peaceful mind and go through it once.

I wish the author Taufeeq Ahmed great endeavours in the future and congratulate him for writing such a wonderful book and sharing his experiences,Knowledge with us.

personal rating: 3.8/5

Here’s Lewis Hamilton “with me” to set the indian track on fire ..!!


I know that  sound’s … like OMG ..”with me” part may sound dramatic but trust me the news is true, speed-freaks just can’t afford to miss this chance… n tell u wat I am Inn…. yess indiblogger people have again  given their bloggers a dream chance to meet ,talk and go on a adrenaline-rush-race with the F1 racing star.Nevertheless Indi-blogger’s always rock, and who knows u’ll see me sharing the racing seat with Lewis Hamilton but u won’t as the speed won’t be anything less than mind-sweepingly high. You’ll only get to watch the road’s set on fire . Hell yeah i m so damn excited to do this !!

Zindagi Milegi na Dobaara 😛